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    相關文章 [加入收藏] [復制鏈接]發布時間:14-11-03 來源:多玩 作者:多玩

     Hello everyone,


    hmmm, it looks like World of Tanks made it to the PcgamesN’s top ten World War Two themed games (along with War Thunder, Call of Duty: World at War, Company of Heroes, Brothers in Arms, Red Orchestra 2, Hidden and Dangerous 2, Hearts of Iron 3, Silent Hunter 3 and Medal of Honor Allied Assault).


    Well… it’s something, I guess.


    The description of WoT in the article however is pretty weird however:


    The equivalent of the Tiger tank in free-to-play land due to its massive player base and frequent updates, World of Tanks is a multiplayer shooter where everyone – yes, even you – gets to take command of a tank. You to pick a machine from a list as long as a small country of various vehicles from WW2 – from half-tracks to tank hunters – crew it up, and hit the battlefield for swift quick-fire rounds. Modes are broadly split into two camps; the more arcade-feeling games based on territory capture and enemy obliteration, and Historical Battles which recreate actual conflicts.


    World of Tanks is fun game to play, throwing out the finicky details and focusing purely on refined mechanics and responsiveness. But despite this you can genuinely feel the passion developer Wargaming has for the stars of its show. From the most obscure little Polish tank to icons like the Sherman and Panzer, World of Tanks is an explosively interactive military hardware museum.


    What the fuck? Did they even play the game at all? Or – well, did they at least read the game site?


    - I haven’t seen any halftracks in the game! (would be cool though)


    - there are no historical battles, they were there for like one patch, this post is a day old! They just made this part up.


    - Leopard 1 and T-62A, so WW2, much realism!


    - there are no Polish tanks in the game (maybe one day)


    - “museum” – WT E-100 says hi

    博物館? 白云說:“你嚎啊。”

    They should have at least played a bit…




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